For body & soul

Our alpine hut sauna

For moments of blissful relaxation

The small but charming sauna area of B&B Obermair is perfect for unwinding and leaving behind the stresses of everyday life. Here you can pamper yourself with moments of profound physical and mental relaxation.

A sauna located in a typical Puster Valley Alpine hut, with rain shower and a relaxation room, awaits you. Soak up the warmth in our wellness oasis, activate your physical and spiritual energies and recharge your batteries for the following day.

Soft music, gentle lighting and aromatic fragrances – just step into our enchanting sauna area and your senses will be revitalised and invigorated.

Pusterer alpine hut sauna

Temperature 75-90°

The high temperature of the sauna is perfectly bearable due to the low humidity in the air. Its physiological effects are remarkable. In particular, the sauna:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • exercises a purifying effect due to intense sweating
  • improves cardiovascular health, reducing stress levels
  • revitalises the metabolism and aids muscle relaxation
  • improves mental balance and health